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In spite of its cold and dark reputation, Minnesota has good solar potential, as well as Houston, Texas and many parts of Florida. As solar energy system components have become more efficient and less costly an increasing number of solar energy installations have been installed
in Minnesota. Since 2005, the interest in solar energy has rapidly increased such that many communities have had to address solar installations as a land use issue. Solar energy components continue to improve in efficiency and decline in price; the U.S. Department of Energy forecasts that solar energy will start to reach widespread cost parity with retail electric costs by 2016.


But solar energy is much more than an alternative (or supplement) to utility power. Solar energy has become a symbol of energy self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability. The growth in solar installations is attributable more to the non-economic benefits than as an economic substitute for the electric utility. Households and businesses wanting to reduce their carbon footprint see solar energy as a strong complement to energy efficiency. Volatility in natural gas prices makes free solar fuel look attractive as a price hedge.

Interest and use of solar technologies have recently increased tremendously. Incentives available from state and local utilities now make installing a system more affordable than ever before. Conservation Technologies can help you develop and install a solar electric and/or solar hot water system to meet your specific energy needs.



Conservation Technologies will provide the following:

  • Site visit to assure that the project will meet the state guidelines
  • Completed necessary Solar Pathfinder diagram
  • Digital photos of the project site
  • Complete the necessary paperwork to file with the Minnesota Department of Commerce State Energy Office for the rebate including site photos and diagrams
  • If applicable, file a copy of all paperwork with the utility company for a possible additional rebate
  • Custom photovoltaic electric system design
  • Cost estimate of a completed system

What's right for you?

  • Solar panel sizing is dependent upon monthly electric consumption NOT square feet of home
  • An energy efficient home uses 300-400 kilowatt hours (KWh) a month
  • A 2.67-kilowatt solar electric system produces an estimated 360 KWh per month
  • Average homes use 700+ KWh month
  • Check your electric bill to see what you use!

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